土石流危険地区における住民の防災意識調査 −長崎県島原市を事例として−
Questionnaire Survey of Human Behaviors and Consciousn on the Debris Flow Risk Area
−Shimabara City, Nagasaki Prefecture −
高橋 和雄*


 It is the objective of this paper to investigate the relation between the human behavior in evacuating their homes during the threatening flood and warning information of the flood.
 A questionnaire survey was undertaken for the behaviors and consciousness of inhabi- tants who live in the two debris flow risk areas located in Shimabara city in Nagasaki prefecture. The new warning system for inhabitant's evacuation employed after Nagasaki flood disaster in 23 July 1982 was evaluated and planning of disaster prevention was discussed.

Key words: flood disaster, inhabitant's refuse warning system for debris flow, questionnaire survey.

Faculty of Engineering, Nagasaki University